Security Freeze

Have you ever suspected that people are accessing your personal information, or utilizing your credit somehow? While the 21st century has made fraud and identity theft way too easy, you can protect yourself by freezing your credit.

Security Freeze

What is a Security Freeze?

A freeze on your credit account so that no one can access it besides for you.

Why a Security Freeze?

If you suspect that someone opened a credit line in your name, or is accessing your personal information, freeze your credit report until the matter is investigated. In the interim, intruders will be stopped from accessing personal information, thus preventing fraud and identity theft.

How to freeze

Reach out to credit bureaus to freeze your credit.

Provide your:

  • - Full name
  • - Address
  • - Date of birth
  • - Social Security Number

You will receive a PIN which you'll need to lift the freeze.

How to unfreeze

Have your freeze account pin handy.

request that EACH credit bureau lift the freeze.

Online this can take just 1 hour. Over the phone it may take up to 3 business days.